When Luffy came out, Johnny attacked him for shooting the rock that he was resting on. Luffy punched Momoo to keep it away from their food, but only made it mad. Shocking I know but this One Piece, breaking your mind since 1997. Luffy punched Buggy in the stomach, telling him to never compare himself to Shanks. Voiced Most Times By: Colleen Clinkenbeard (in 13 titles) Mayumi Tanaka (in 49 titles) Total Actors: 12 Appearances: 52 Franchise: One Piece. [93], Luffy woke up on a bed in Baratie, and Sanji told him that Gin hoped to meet him again in the Grand Line. For the next seven years, the two continued adventuring and training to get stronger, with Luffy learning to throw effective long-range punches with his stretching. Luffy went to Helmeppo's room, where he saw three swords. Even if it seems like a lot of time has passed between the arc, Luffy is still a teenager. The Alvida Pirates' cabin boy Koby rolled the barrel to a storehouse, and some of his crewmates went to open it, causing Luffy to accidentally knock them out as he emerged. He introduced Luffy to Dadan's other ward Portgas D. Ace, but Ace was cold toward Luffy. [107] Eventually, Luffy regained consciousness and Sanji managed to go down and destroy the concrete chunk, causing Luffy's body to fly out of the pool. ^ Ace died at 20+ and he would have been on his 23rd year now had he not been killed. Luffy went back to the store, and gave Chouchou the pet food that Mohji had taken. The Pirate Ganzack, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy/History?oldid=1767233. Dec 27, 2020 #47 Sherlōck said: Old Ray wins for now. Nami tried to get Luffy to leave, but as he stayed she eventually broke down and asked him to help. Luffy set sail at the age of 17. Then, Tobio argued with his grandfather and ran in the forest with Luffy's hat. However, Luffy later watched from afar as Sanji secretly fed Gin outside, and decided that Sanji would be his crew's cook. He then spun Krieg around and slammed him into Baratie's deck with Gomu Gomu no Ozuchi, defeating him. [115], Luffy reached the execution platform and climbed up it. Age: And they so happened not to have any money on them at all. Luffy also known as straw hat luffy and commonly as straw hat is the main protagonist of the manga and … Luffy was eventually woken up by Nami stepping on his head and rejoined the fight, to which Kuro had arrived. However, Kaya's butler Klahadore then came and confronted the group, saying he and Kaya could not give the Straw Hats a ship. [90], Krieg got up and repelled Luffy, but Luffy then kicked him in the head. I have to correct oppinions of lot of people concerning Luffys age. The thieves worked for his pirate crew, so, Eldoraggo, using his Devil Fruit ability, while aiming at Luffy, destroyed the thieves' getaway boat. Luffy on his quest to become the pirate king the pirate who owns everything in the world. While Buggy was caught off-guard, Nami attempted to hit him with a bag of treasure, but he grabbed it instead. [98], Momoo eventually reached Arlong Park and crashed into the shore, sending Luffy, Sanji, and Yosaku flying over the island on their ship. Arlong's attacks forced Luffy up the tower, and the fish-man eventually hit the pirate through the wall and into a room on an upper level. [99] She confirmed Johnny's report and told the Straw Hats to leave the island, saying she only pretended to be their friend to steal from them for her real captain Arlong. By the time Strawhats reaches the Wanokuni, Luffy will be 20 years of age. Height: [88] In response, Krieg fired his MH5 ball at him. Chuck Powers Meanwhile, Eldoraggo, who Usopp and Nami as hostages, found Woonan's castle and tried to bring it down so he could find the treasure. Luffy then hit Buggy with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, sending him flying off the island. He is a rubber man: he can stretch his arms and legs. One piece - Luffy 2nd Devil Fruit Power Revealed To be an Ancient WeaponOne Piece Episode 920 | One Piece chapter 971 In One Piece birthdays are not celebrated, which isn’t an advantage of the series, definitely. [96] As Sanji prepared food for them, the giant sea cow Momoo approached the trio's ship. [65] Luffy was then able to start keeping up with Kuro's quick movements and land more attacks on him. Even if it seems like a lot of time has passed between the arc, Luffy is still a teenager. Luffy and Nami ignored him, causing him to shoot Luffy. Later, Luffy was with Zoro as the latter had his wound from Mihawk stitched up, and the doctor Nako recommended that they find a doctor for their crew. Welcome to the forums! Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Adventure - Luffy, Straw Hats P., Charlotte Smoothie, … Since the time-skip, there have been fewer arcs than before the time-skip that is why there is less change in his appearance. "Hordy\'s twisted past takes center stage in a Fish-Man flashback. He then stretched his leg up and smashed Arlong through the floor with Gomu Gomu no Battle Axe, sending him crashing all the way to the ground and defeating him. He easily beat all of them up and ripped off the stem and figurehead of their ship to swing at them, but Jango then hypnotized him to fall asleep, causing him to collapse with the stem pinning him to the ground.[62]. Nami revealed that it was the site of the Pirate King Gold Roger's execution, so when the crew docked there, Luffy went to go see the execution platform. Luffy is 19+, so there is a 3 year age difference. Sanji laughing at Luffy's attempt to draw what a fish-man looks like. Has it said how old he is? However, he stopped attacking when Zoro came out, as he had worked with Zoro in the past. 7 (debut);17 (pre-timeskip)[9];19 (post-timeskip)[10][11] Gum-Gum Fruit However, Morgan's son Helmeppo then came and stopped her, having his Marine guards throw her over the wall. F[8] [26], Luffy and the Red Hair Pirates then went to the Partys Bar, where Luffy continued to unsuccessfully get Shanks to let him join them. [71] Later, as the Straw Hats sat indoors, the bounty hunter Johnny came onboard and caused a commotion. [55], Luffy and Nami offered to go and get the treasure for Gaimon, and Luffy pulled himself up the cliff face.