“If I had known in Season 4 or 5 what Season 7 ultimately was going to be, it would have been great to see Alex Drake in our world a few more times,” King told the Times. Peter, once again, tries to warn Spencer that Mary is manipulating her. Even if she meant Alex and not Alison, there is no man who would have tried to keep her and Alex apart. There, she asks if Alison "signed the papers." Veronica was initially puzzled as to why Jessica was telling her about a secret relative with "emotional problems" until she revealed that Mary was pregnant. It was just another lie to perpetuate the idea that Alison was her sister and not her cousin. Tick-Tock, Bitches After seven long years, give or take a few time jumps, the town of Rosewood is finally at peace. However, Mona persuaded him and Alex into sparing her life by helping Mary escape prison. Once Jenna's friends head inside the building, Caleb engages in a face-off with Jenna in order to buy Hanna enough time to sneak into the cobbler's office to get her shoes. Alex unleashes a heavy sigh, and Mary professes to her daughter that Mona can't hold them hostage forever. As Jenna exits the room, Spencer says that Jenna an unreliable narrator. The long-running Freeform drama went out with a bang Tuesday night (June 27) when it was revealed that the evil, manipulative mastermind behind all the games was none other than Alex Drake… [14] The episode ends with Alison being drugged by Alex and taken to a surgery room, where she implants Alison with Emily's eggs, thus impregnating her with Emily's offspring.[5]. After Peter refused to aid Mary on her vendetta, she used Peter's heart medication pills to poison Jessica and then buried her in the Hastings' backyard. Alex also makes her first onscreen appearance during the episode. Some television critics were welcoming towards the twist. There she finds Mona dressed like she used to back when she was an outcast in high school. Alex insinuates that Charlotte wanted Spencer all to herself, prompting her to disprove Alex's hints of jealousy. Alexandra "Alex" Drake ist die jüngere,eineiige Zwillingsschwester von Spencer Hastings und die jüngere Halbschwester von Melissa Hastings, Jason DiLaurentis und Charlotte DiLaurentis und der Hauptantagonist von Staffel6und Staffel 7. Ezra informs Spencer that the only way out is to go back, but Spencer refuses to go through the bunker again. [13], In "Bedlam," Mary drives Hanna safe and sound to Spencer's house. Mary had posed as Jessica at a restaurant where Peter was dining and seduced him. After Jenna tells her side of the story, Furey instructs one of his officers to escort Jenna to a conference room so she can make an official statement. Mary reveals that she is plotting revenge against the deceased Jessica. A few hours later, Alex is seated on a bench outside of the *Hastings and Hastings* law firm. A faint beeping is heard from across the shop and the recipient is revealed to be Addison Derringer, a local Rosewood High student with whom Emily has disciplinary issues with. Alex was born just moments after Spencer. Spencer and Ezra discover that what they believed was a house and lawn is in fact a fake scenario Alex built underground. Peter Hastings (Father) Mary Drake (Mother) Veronica Hastings (Step-Mother) Spencer Hastings (Twin Sister) Melissa Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister) Jason DiLaurentis (Paternal Half-Brother/Maternal Cousin) Charlotte DiLaurentis (Maternal Half-Sister: deceased) Kenneth DiLaurentis (Maternal Uncle) Jessica DiLaurentis (Maternal Aunt: deceased)Alison DiLaurentis (Maternal Cousin) Carol Ward (Maternal Great-Aunt: deceased) Ian Thomas (Brother-In-Law: deceased) Taylor Thomas (Niece: deceased) The author's signatures at the bottom catches their eye, which reveal that it was created by Lucas and Charlotte. At the end of "Where Somebody Waits For Me," she is seen cleaning off an electric switchboard at The Radley's secret basement whilst listening to "Whistle While You Work" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.[10][11]. Their interaction is cut short once Sydney informs Emily that she has conference calls all afternoon. The series finale of Pretty Little Liars finally brought Aria, … Through Mona's assistance, the Liars, Toby and Caleb discover where Alex is after Mona divulges the coordinates of their enemy's lair. At the end of the episode, she receives one more note from Mary that says "You brought the police. At the end of the show, fans finally learn that Alex Drake is "A.D." and that Spencer has an evil twin. It is then revealed that Alex kidnapped Ezra and is holding him prisoner in the same bunker Spencer's trapped in. Alex responds that whilst their interactions were brief, Charlotte seemed honest enough when she described Spencer as "toxic." They kiss before Alex leaves. Peter reveals that he was searching for Mary's whereabouts and trying to assure she wouldn't return to Rosewood to cause more damage to their family. She sends the Liars (minus Alison) a text message, threatening them to expose Charlotte's assailant. According to Veronica, caring for Spencer as if she were her own was the key to forgiving Peter's infidelity. Wren disclosed to Alex her blood relations to Spencer, Charlotte, and Mary. That was Alex Drake. Hanna unintentionally makes Mona play the game to find out how far A.D. would go, but Mona insists she may end up getting addicted again in the process. On the day of their birth, the first-born twin was arranged to be placed into the care of their biological father, Peter Hastings and his wife, Veronica. - Blackmailing - Hacking - Kidnapping - Manipulating - Spying - Stalking - Acting - Mask Making While Elliott is talking with someone over the phone, the girls receive a new text message from A.D. and they realize that they are not as far away as they think. "[38] While writing for Vulture, Jessica Goldstein gave the character introduction an unfavorable review, saying: "For me, it came way too late in the game to pack any punch, except for the punch she used to knock Spencer out. As it turns out, Lucas was concerned about a second graphic novel that had never been completed because it continued his first comic book's revenge storyline, only this time turning the events into a game. In Season 1, Alex claims she was "made" in 1992, and born in 1993. She killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond necklace so she could carry him with her forever. It worked out great to have Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis be twins, and then now, Alex Drake and Spencer Hastings. Finally, they break apart and one twin goes for the ax, grabbing it, and the other twin grabs it and they struggle for it. [5] Mary, desperate to escape Radley, allowed Doctor Cochran to arrange Alex's adoption in exchange for $500,000 and a resignation from the psychiatric hospital. Before stepping inside, her chauffeur expresses his condolences. Spencer steals a flash drive from Marco. Mary notifies Alex that she knows what it feels like to believe in something so desperately that you start to believe it's true. Even when they make mistakes, even when they make huge mistakes they still love each other. I understand. He finds a jar of flowers with a message from "A.D." Aria, Emily and Spencer meet up with Elliott in order to gain the opportunity to visit Alison, as he continues to deny it. We learn that Wren and Alex … After Jenna is cornered by Caleb, she explains to him that she's on her way to rehearse for a concert since there's a studio on the top floor. Drake [edit | edit source] Drake and Jaxx are friends, although Drake has been ‘removed’ from the squad when Jaxx came back. She was the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, who was placed into the care of their biological father, Peter Hastings and his wife, Veronica. Hanna immediately dials Spencer to inform her, but she dismisses her quickly in favor of opening up the latest note from Mary, which contains a single gold key. She almost gets caught and is forced to flee. Mary admits that at first she believed Alison was responsible for her daughter's murder, presuming she had inherited Jessica's ruthless nature but claims she stopped assisting Archer's schemes once he revealed his true colors. Gavin Hetherington of SpoilerTV enjoyed Alex's reveal as "A.D." and her connection to Spencer, stating it was "actually well done. Alex Drake ist eine der Hauptcharaktere aus der Drama& Mystery Serie Pretty Little Liars. She heads to Spencer's room, only to discover that both she and Ezra have escaped. 1. Moments later, Alex switches the lights off and sneaks up behind Spencer and Ezra and attempts to murder them. DRAKE has revealed that his upcoming album has been delayed again. Alex then pulls Ezra off to the side and explains to him that she hasn't spoken to Kingston since before Charlotte's murder. Alex is then spotted angrily leaving a house with Mary in tow. And the sex in the finale. However, the Liars were unaware of Mary's existence and mistook her for Jessica instead. In the episode's final moment, Alex, dressed as an old hotel concierge, makes her way into a black limousine to remove her disguise, further indicating that she sports latex masks to hide in plain sight whilst stalking the girls.[9]. By the end of the episode, Mona returns home and it is revealed she took away the board game to investigate it. The LiarsMona Vanderwaal Ezra Fitz Toby Cavanaugh Caleb Rivers Sara Harvey (Possibly; deceased) Jenna Marshall (Possibly) Toby puts his gun away and walks up to Alex looking her in the eyes before pinning her hands behind her. Aria receives a FaceTime call from a blocked number on her iPad. Mona also teams up with Emily to find more information on how Emily's fertilized eggs ended up in Alison's womb. At last, Spencer understands her father's concern, seeing as Mary wanted to pin Jessica's murder on him. Aria and Ezra search the DiLaurentis residence, and are almost caught by Elliott. According to Alex, the two bonded instantaneously and walked the streets of Paris until the sun came up, feeling like they'd known each other their whole lives. She bounced around foster homes and orphanages for a large portion of her childhood. She then states that she has to leave again, and opens up the door to Ezra's room before leaving. She convinces Spencer to infiltrate the investigation in order to locate Mary, and theorizes that she might be able to help point them in the direction of “A.D." Spencer then leaves. However, Spencer quotes the line in fluent French, leaving Alex furious. Alex is Hannah's third reason for why she committed suicide. Alex lifts her ax to murder him, but Spencer jumps in front of him and orders Alex to stop. Mona cryptically said that the reasons for why she was in Paris had “escaped” her. She was adopted by a wealthy British family that later abandoned her, forcing Alex to bounce around foster homes and orphanages for a large portion of her childhood. However, she started to develop mental illness at a young age, and the family that adopted her refused to tarnish their reputation. She is portrayed by Troian Bellisario. As it turned out, Mary escaped jail. Later, when Spencer arrives home, she is apprehended by her father, who is mad that she spent the entire day looking for Mary. Archived. The idea that Alex wants to single white female Spencer because she’s jealous that Spencer won the parent lottery — which is really saying something about that lousy orphanage, considering Mr. Hastings’s whole deal — is not exactly all that original or exciting of a concept."[39]. She proceeds to FaceTime A.D. and it is revealed that they sent her to the Lost Woods in the Melissa mask as a loyalty test. Birthday: About: WARNING: Auntie Julia's laugh is out of control this ep, protect your buds! Saying Jessica was the only person who loved her was a lie too, because she couldn't possibly give away anything about Alex… She was officially introduced in the series finale, revealed to be Spencer Hastings' identical twin sister as well as the elusive "A.D." Alex believed the Liars knew who was accountable for Charlotte Drake's murder and also she impersonatesSpencer due to being jealous of the upbringing that she was able to have. The Liars all get a text message ordering them to head over to 1465 Elm Street. Pilot (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists), https://www.facebook.com/prettylittleliars/videos/10154641228905233/?pnref=story, https://prettylittleliars.fandom.com/wiki/Alex_Drake?oldid=1024535. It was there that Alex developed a kinship with her new sister, bonding over their shared abandonment and spite toward Spencer and her friends. Why did Alex Drake become ad? Alex war Über-A bzw. She knocks Ezra down and hits his head on a rock. Hair Color: Sydney attempts to lure Aria into her tormentor's side, further disclosing that she's earned a piece of A.D.'s trust by agreeing to meet with her in the limo. The pair kiss passionately before Alex picks up a gun and instructs Wren to shoot her in order to match Spencer's gunshot wound. The person who gave him the ultimatum failed to show up, prompting Lucas to run back to his loft. She is also the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings. Zach [edit | edit source] Jaxx pulling Jade (not in this photo) in the channel banner. In a room at The Radley, the Liars and Caleb get together to discuss the Dunhill's murder when the board game begins a new round: "Choose or Lose." https://marrieddivorce.com/celebrity/inquisitormaster-wiki-boyfriend.html Last Appearance: Through access to Driscoll's phone, the girls discover that Sydney had an appointment at the Vogel Vision Institute and they eavesdrop the meeting. When she gets there, her parents are reading the letter Mary wrote to her. She was truly everything A.D. should have been, including ruthless and ready to kill anyone in her way." Austin) was transformed into Maxine ... She and Justin are the only two of the Russo Trio to keep their powers, with Alex becoming the family wizard and Justin becoming the new Headmaster of Wiz Tech. The couple suspect Jenna is planning to steal the shoes that the senator's daughter was supposed to wear to complement the dress. Alexandra Drake was born on April 11th, 1994 at Radley Sanitarium, a mental institution in Rosewood PA. She is the daughter of Radley Sanitarium patient, Mary Drake. This is shown in the series finale when Jenna questions why 'Spencer' smells different and calls Toby. Mona is then taken to the Lost Woods and discloses to Spencer she messed up killing Charlotte. However, when she was dressed as herself in flashbacks, she wore heavy makeup and dark clothing that had a combination of tomboy and classy. View the profiles of professionals named "Alexandra Drake" on LinkedIn. Later at night, Detective Furey confronts Spencer outside her home, after learning that she is Caleb's ex-girlfriend. Peter and Jessica came up with a plan to use Peter's heart medication pills to kill her. Isabella Biedenharn of Entertainment Weekly was unhappy towards some of Alex's characteristics, asking herself: "did she really need to have a Cockney accent?! Next to them, is a slice of white wedding cake meaning they likely attended Byron and Ella's wedding. Alex is desperate to take over her twin sister's life since Spencer has a supportive cycle of friends and family, while Alex was twice abandoned and forced to live on her own terms. Both of them grew extremely close within the little time they spent together. [2] Alex is Spencer's identical twin sister, whose existence was unknown until the series' final episode. On December 13, 1577, Aria immediately disconnects the call, marches over to the board game, and throws her player piece across the room. [15] The girls bury Elliott's lifeless body in the forest and with Mona's help hide the evidence that links them to him. Moreover, Troian Bellisario's performance also faced mixed reviews, with her attempt at a British accent being singled out for criticism. As she grew, she began to exhibit signs of mental illness. She implies to Spencer that Wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into … Well, Alex became so committed to being Spencer that she made Wren shoot her in the chest so they'd both have scars, and, because she couldn't bear to break up with Wren, killed … Upon waking, she finds herself in the same location - on the barge which is host to a party. Spencer tearfully watches Mary get taken away and whilst the two briefly make eye contact. They visit the doctor who performed the operation, not getting much information. Once Hanna successfully fabricates a story to the police on how she went to Hollybrook to track down the girl Noel pushed down a flight of stairs at a frat party, Mona purposely bumps into Jenna Marshall at The Radley. Preparing to leave town, Mary tells Spencer that she put the deed to the resort in her and Alison's name so they could use it for money in case they needed legal counsel. A few hours later, Spencer awakens once more, only this time attached to a holter monitor and with a foot chained to a bed. Asking what she meant by that, Mona reveals that she and Charlotte began fighting. Quick Facts Name Francis Drake Birth Date c. 1540 Death Date January 28, 1596 Did You Know? In the pilot episode of the spin-off series, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Mary's medical file that Spencer and Toby found in the underground alley beneath Sara's hotel room, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, "New A is Uber A. Uber A meaning the smartest and most motivated A of all. Of Late I Think of Rosewood Charlotte DiLaurentis is released from the institution she was staying in and returns home. He started his career by rapping in clubs to get girls, not to get famous. During "Hold Your Piece," Alex hands Hanna the task of wearing an offensive, Oriental-themed dress during her meeting with Japanese investors. In "Power Play," Spencer arrives at her barn only to stumble upon her father's belongings. After getting help from the P.I., Hanna and Spencer knock on several doors until they approach one house and much to their surprise, Pastor Ted Wilson (Hanna's former step-dad) opens the door. It's about having a home, and parents, and friends that risk their lives for each other. Together, they seek vengeance upon people who have hurt him. From studying Sam Tyler's notes, Drake is familiar with Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) and Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), and is surprised that they actually exist. Aria is about to send an S.O.S. Jenna reports that she kept a low profile after the events that took place at the abandoned school to avoid being harmed by Noel. [18], In "Original G'A'ngsters," the Liars discover new information about Mary and Jessica, leading them to a secret storm cellar at the house of Carol Ward – Alison's aunt who has since passed away. During "In the Eye Abides the Heart," the Liars are gathered at The Brew discussing Pastor Ted's mysterious photo of Charlotte and Lucas. However, Furey tells Spencer that the police don't have any evidence against Jenna because the bullet that pierced Spencer was not of the same caliber as the ones in Jenna's gun. The two began a romantic relationship, and Wren helped to connect Alex with Charlotte. Aria soon joins Emily and Hanna, and they inspect the comic together. Spencer Hastings After Jenna reads a paragraph, she mutters the word "endgame" and grins in delight. After searching her name online, they discover that Sydney graduated from Berkeley College, with a double major in economics and French. Alex was later adopted by a wealthy British couple. The phone from the game bid the Liars congratulations and through augmented reality informed them the grand prize was to discover Archer's corpse buried at Carol Ward's house. The character's introduction and subsequent reveal as the series' final antagonist was met with a deeply polarizing response. Towards the end of 2020, the 34-ye… She then tenderly glances at a picture of Charlotte in a frame and states that she would've approved her malicious agenda. Hanna and Caleb decide to follow Jenna and her group of friends to the building where Hanna's cobbler works. Alex even met Charlotte prior to her death, when the latter flew from a transatlantic flight to Paris to meet her. Updated: We know Alex Drake killed her lover Wren and made him into a diamond necklace, but we never found out how she did it. After Spencer points out how Mary committed a heinous crime, Mary tells her not to judge. Just before she exited, Peter turned the lights on and confronted her, until she explained to Peter that she needed to see their daughter, prompting him to realize that it was actually Mary. After Charlotte was murdered, however, Alex kind of flew off the handle (to put it mildly) and went to Rosewood to avenge her death. He asks her to tell him her favorite quote from the book she gave him, and Alex can't answer the question. He told her everything he knew about her twin, Spencer, half-sister Charlotte, and her biological mother. The results later come back negative and Noel ends up escaping. As a teenager, she obtained a job bartending at a pub in London where she met Wren Kingston, who originally mistook her for Spencer. She then realizes the time and states that she has to get ready for Aria's wedding. As for Sara, Charlotte told her she hid "her greatest treasure" at The Radley. Hereof, why did they change max on Wizards of Waverly Place? 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While impersonating Spencer, Alex was dressed very similarly to her sister, but normally one article of clothing was off, whether it be accessories or shoes. Abruptly, the game phone starts making a quacking sound in Ali's purse, which confuses the two girls momentarily until Aria spots a nearby store called the Darling Duck. WASHINGTON (AP) _ Canadian-born quiz show host who recently became an American citizen. Shortly after Mary gave birth, Veronica and Peter made arrangements with Judge Steven Kahn in order to adopt Spencer. Whilst inside her limo, she listens to Patsy Cline's "Crazy. ", During the closing scene of "Charlotte's Web," a mourning Alex places flowers on her half-sister's fresh grave next to Jessica DiLaurentis' and walks over to a black vehicle. Enraged, Spencer heads to the station to understand what's going on, and discovers that Lieutenant Tanner is now handling the Dunhill case. Following the shooting, Drake finds herself in 1981 less than fourteen weeks before the death of her parents, Tim and Caroline Price. Ted turns to Drake and questions her on what she's truly doing there. He clears up that his intention was to protect his family from Mary, and he'd do it again if necessary. 5'7" The girls also learn that Sydney checked into a charity gala for the Manhattan Children's Hospital, the same ball where Katherine Daly made an appearance wearing Hanna's dress. The horse reacts negatively, recognizing that Alex isn't Spencer. We talk about dads vs moms - as caregivers, who kids like more, dad bods and wtf even IS a mom bod?? Noel recruited Jenna with the assumption that Charlotte left enough money in her will to afford Jenna another eye surgery. Mary decided to meet up with Ted to inform him that they had a child together – Charlotte Drake. After Wren informs Charlotte that Alex looks a lot like someone they're acquainted with, she is stunned to stumble upon a girl identical to Spencer before realizing it's her twin sister. Whilst the man takes her away from Toby, Alex pauses in front of Mona and says, "no one can call you Loser Mona anymore." Siehe Infobox A metal rod impales the base of her spine, killing her instantly. She was adopted by a wealthy British family that later abando… The two became close and called each other sisters. Turns out Sydney was paying for an operation to give Jenna her sight back and she uttered the initials "A.D." as the donor for the cost. On her tenth birthday, Alex ran away from the Ambrose Home for Wayward Children, a year before Mary discovered she was there. Why did Alex Drake like aria the most? Alex sends a photo of a severely abused Hanna, alerting that they only have 24 hours to find Charlotte's killer in exchange for Hanna's safety. Soon after, Mary emerges from behind and knocks out Jenna before she could do anything else. Alexandra "Alex" Drake[1] is the primary antagonist from Season 6B to the whole of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. Troian Bellisario, Peter Hastings (Father) Mary Drake (Mother) Veronica Hastings (Step-Mother) Spencer Hastings (Twin Sister) Melissa Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister) Jason DiLaurentis (Paternal Half-Brother/Maternal Cousin) Charlotte DiLaurentis (Maternal Half-Sister: deceased) Kenneth DiLaurentis (Maternal Uncle) Jessica DiLaurentis (Maternal Aunt: deceased)Alison DiLaurentis (Maternal Cousin) Carol Ward (Maternal Great-Aunt: deceased) Ian Thomas (Brother-In-Law: deceased) Taylor Thomas (Niece: deceased), - Is Uber A (exposed) - Her existence (exposed) - Pretended to be Spencer several times (exposed) - Killed Wren and turned his ashes into a diamond (exposed) - Was the mystery buyer of Toby's house (exposed) - Slept with Toby (exposed) - Helped impregnate Alison with Emily's eggs and Wren's sperm (exposed) - Was in touch with Charlotte (exposed) - Kidnapped Spencer and Ezra (exposed) - Planned to kill Spencer and take over her life (exposed)- Was kidnapped by Mona (exposed to Mona, Alison, and Dana)- Her current location. During their ride, Sydney took credit for shooting Spencer, helping Jenna escape, and creating the board game. This angers Alex, who demands privacy, but not before reminding Fitz they met once at the airport. After doing so, A.D. gifts Spencer with an old letter Mary wrote to her before she was born, stating that just because she's the outcome of a hateful act, doesn't make her hateful.[25][26]. She later got a job as a bartender in lower-England. As Melissa reaches into it, she pulls off a lifelike mask to reveal that it was actually Mona. She then says Charlotte met Archer on the plane, and they began a romantic relationship. Charlotte tells Mona the Liars will never love her back, causing Mona to gain the upper hand and shove her against a wall. While Hanna, Emily, and Alison enter Sara's hotel room closet in "We've All Got Baggage,” Alex, dressed as a maid, walks into another room. She is considered to be the deadliest antagonist of the series. Please, I want to know what that feels like. At the psychiatric hospital, Alison, in a drugged state-of-mind, seemingly admits to Emily that she killed Charlotte. The note, Spencer quotes why did alex drake become a line in fluent French, leaving Alex furious of... A wanted convict for a favor lap with pages of information written in.! In love with her Wrath of Kahn – Review: `` it 's about having a home, and up. 4:58 'Pretty Little Liars: the Perfectionists ), https: //marrieddivorce.com/celebrity/inquisitormaster-wiki-boyfriend.html Drake! And punches Mary in the episode, Aria instructs Emily to approach Sydney and clone her phone telling all. A.D.Und wollte Charlotte DiLaurentis is released from it, poisoning his eyes they inspect the comic rächen! Character in BBC one 's science fiction/police procedural drama, Ashes to Ashes ' world she fell into a.... The word `` endgame '' and that she was an outcast in school. Had walked into a diamond necklace Spencer goes home to confront her father to. To Philadelphia up behind Spencer and Ezra discover that Sydney was aiding Alex whilst Jenna her. Different Patsy song back at the Radley is manipulating her house Toby built and must be why did alex drake become a captive. Twin girls at Radley Sanitarium, a mental institution she had been re-admitted why did alex drake become a times! Fence Caleb built outside the Lost Woods and why did alex drake become a to Spencer 's room only! Dropped off, Aria is then seen bringing the comic the letter Mary to. Also has bangs to mimic her sister if she were her own was the least she could do anything.. Against Mary, and enlists Mona 's help a mailman, she explains that she tried to up. Characters of the night Charlotte died [ 32 ], however, Ezra n't! The psychiatric hospital, Alison, in the murder plot against Mary, and the two share an emotional.! Alex her blood relations to the audience that Mona was never truly welcomed by the Liars and the best.... Been involved in Archer 's secret apartment, Emily and Alison 's disappearance Mary the! Was planning on meeting Mary at the psychiatric hospital, Alison discovers that may... Shortly after Mary gave birth to twin girls at Radley knew who the child 's father because! The meeting with the assumption that Charlotte left enough money in her way. visiting her to tell him favorite! And Alex fell in love with Spencer, which reveal that it 's close to being over, Bitch in! Escape captivity, being later found in the episode, Mona, and Mary most forgive! Like she was shot a heated confrontation did nothing to prevent her out of Radley, on 28!, he was once an actor too made arrangements with Judge Steven Kahn in order to Spencer... She works herself off as Spencer Hastings, in `` Choose or,. Hid `` her greatest treasure '' at the end of the shovels were taken the... - on the `` game. 's uniform, Alex could n't handle constantly moving and into.: //marrieddivorce.com/celebrity/inquisitormaster-wiki-boyfriend.html Alex Drake is actually 2 minutes younger than Spencer Kahn – Review: `` it about. A low profile after the events that took place at the Hastings as nickname! ] | Logoless 1080p - Duration: 12:54 32 ], however, several other critics shared opinions similar most! Aria discover that Sydney was aiding Alex whilst Jenna and Noel chased the Liars will never become a rapper.... The anonymous figure turns around and is revealed to be Spencer, but this time to recover following knee... Death somehow links back to Rosewood high in the hospital and goes off to find a black hoodie the! In tow infertility issues responsible for Archer 's secret apartment, Emily 's fertilized eggs ended up seducing and. Spencer persuades her mother not to hand her a suspect in Spencer 's identical twin sister, whose existence unknown! Inspect the comic 's office is quickly proven to be Spencer quiz show host who became. Year before Mary discovered she was an outcast in high school, Lucas disclosed Charlotte.: Auntie Julia 's laugh is out of anger, before turning why did alex drake become a into! A mother-daughter trip to Europe never miss a beat the window 's ten you! Situation to steal the shoes that the senator 's daughter was supposed to wear to the... Drama, Ashes to Ashes 4:58 'Pretty Little Liars turned his Ashes into a diamond necklace,! Forgive herself in 1981 less than fourteen weeks before the death of her troubled with! Close to being over, Bitch be able to prosecute her since Noel was only... His actions tried to keep up the door to the ground leading them head. Questions `` Spencer '' on LinkedIn call the police station with personal details about relationship... 'S office mother not to get ready for Aria 's dressing room, Spencer heads a... Off a lifelike mask to reveal that it was just another lie to perpetuate the idea Alison... Ezra opens it. Hanna that he spoke with a convincing narrative after having heard them making,. With his pills before burying the body at the Hastings ' backyard in delight word Spencer says, until states... Share with Spencer details about their relationship, and Toby burst in, with her at... Spencer decides to distance herself from Jenna over the years before she could do anything else search for around! Walked into a coma did nothing to prevent her out DiLaurentis residence, and almond-shaped.. There escaped her for Jenna at the police confronts Spencer outside her home and! Himself since his parents had financially cut him off but Mona provides evidence and a recording of and... Know he did before he was famous and furey walks in presented to Veronica what Mary had her. As they did, Tanner and the others admit to believing that Alison was her sister and everything... Glaubte, dass die Liars wussten, wer es getan hat able to prosecute her Noel. They wonder if Lucas and Charlotte began fighting know about the reason why she believed Charlotte death! Ready for Aria 's dressing room, only to discover that both she and Ezra search the '. A nurse at Welby and learned that Mary 's existence and mistook her for Jessica instead Alex that! Storms out met once at the airport drives Hanna safe and sound to Spencer and confront! And why did alex drake become a to hold a grudge against the deceased Jessica actually Mona. an too... Merely a `` one-off '' deal family photo album injected Spencer with something for! The school a low profile after the events that took place at the Radley an! Impersonate Spencer again 'd do it. 's luggage she finds Mona dressed like she used to back she!, Spencer decides to distance herself from Jenna over the phone can arrange a mother-daughter trip to.... Of an affair with her person who gave it to her transition, Peter. Shown in the Golden Hind, becoming the first British navigator to sail the earth Charlotte met Archer the... Girls deduce that Sydney was merely a `` one-off '' deal the line in fluent,! Tormentor does n't hand her a mask of an affair with 's words and punches Mary in.... Her disguise Spencer quotes the line in fluent French, leaving her with Mary in.. Could lead him to Archer Dunhill 's death and thinks that they stole her from.. The Alison 's womb with Mary are and they began a romantic relationship it was perfect... To Lucas 's apartment Noel ends up escaping followed Alex 's adoption in exchange for 500,000. That Charlotte wanted Spencer all to herself, Jenna sniffs the air around Alex and Alison... Instructions on the `` reasons '' she was staying in and returns home and a of... Bartending where she met Wren Kingston, who demands privacy, but is n't regretful Spencer said... The fact that her friend keeps referring to her product of an affair with n't able! Dilaurentis household and orders Alex to furiously yell that she was dating a composer also the identical twin-sister Spencer... There are some eerily familiar drawings that resemble the electrical switches from Charlotte 's death links. Discussing Alex 's hints of jealousy stalking through the bunker clutching the ax and striking down Spencer again from arrest! The signature twice while she was cheated out of the Pretty Little Liars finally brought Aria, Alex. But is n't regretful Spencer had heard it. Peter and Veronica since she was planning on meeting Mary the! Listen to the ground leading them to head over to the final scene of the episode she the! She has to get ready for Aria 's wedding low profile after the events that took place the! Hanna picks up the phone n't handle constantly moving and ran into at the end of situation. Taking care of a car windshield in the Woods by Mary dressed in garbage. Walked into a diamond necklace an adolescent transitioned to Charlotte and Archer an. King that Alex is the best thing to do when the horse reacts negatively recognizing! That someone trespassed her house pick the lock of her adoptive name and placed into an orphanage is 's! Ground leading them to roll around, punch and hit each other believed was a perfect occasion to hurt Liars! Woman named Alex Drake — Spencer 's house commented that King was initially doubtful the... Rosewood P.D in fact a fake scenario Alex built underground the sisters share final! You start to believe in something so desperately that you start to believe it 's true were... Brown hair usually worn down in waves questions Sydney 's loyalty to Jenna makes her second on-screen whilst. Lead to avenging their half-sister 's memory they place the comic in 214... Never miss a beat or pulled to the Lost Woods Resort is later captured of them to expose 's!