[12][13] Following the mercenaries' failure to capture him, Ben moves the island, forcing him to leave it as well. Before they parted Locke recalled that Widmore had previously wanted to kill everyone of the Island and was now helping him, but Widmore - likely recalling his conversation with Jacob - assured Locke this was no longer the case. ("Dead Is Dead"). Actor Charles Widmore discovered the muscular, loop based, dance floor electronics of Josh Wink, Daniel Bell, Moritz von Oswald in the mid ‘90s. AKA Widmore was searching for the island BEFORE he was exiled by jrrl Posted by DarkUFO at 4/12/2009 01:13:00 pm 10 Comments We currently have a discrepency in the timeline regarding Charles Widmore. The problem comes in with Widmore apparently being the guy who organized the Purge and initiated the migration to the Barracks. I think that my friend Mike (hi, Mike!) Widmore asked the Man in Black whether he knew who he was. Karl was a name reserved for kings in Sweden. When questioned further, he said that he had been invited back to the island by Jacob himself. She explained that the three soldiers were Others. He was 17 years old ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"). Yes, there are still many unanswered questions, but I think we can theorize about some things. ("Happily Ever After") He and his crew took Desmond back to the Island via a submarine. Jacob's Nemesis said that Jacob was the reason they were all at the Island. I don’t know if I’m just gullible, but I kind of believed Widmore’s story. ("The Constant"), Widmore's disapproval of his daughter's relationship with Hume led to his interception of letters that Desmond wrote to Penelope while serving time in a military prison. Maybe in the line of construction or pharmaceuticals, as we have seen both of these appear in Lost. He enlists the help of his associate Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick) to assist Locke in reuniting the "Oceanic Six", six survivors of Flight 815 who also left the island, to bring them back. To explain this, I think Charles Widmore has been working alongside Dharma in some capacity. Unless Desmond can help him, he said that all that would have been for nothing and Penny, Desmond's son and everyone else will be dead. ("What They Died For"), In the flash sideways, Charles Widmore was again the founder of Widmore Industries but, unlike his former life, he was the husband of Eloise. Widmore claimed that everything Ben had he took from him. Shortly after the destruction of his submarine, Widmore showed up at the Barracks with Zoe. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), As seen in a video tape, Widmore brutally beat a blindfolded, unnamed Other, purportedly in his efforts to extract information about the location of the Island. Widmore told Locke of an approaching war and agreed to help him in his quest to bring the Oceanic Six back to the Island. Sweden's current king is Carl XVI Gustaf. Season six of the series shows, concurrent with the main drama, a secondary narrative in what appears to be a parallel timeline. After throwing Richard out of the way, the Man in Black asked Ben about Widmore's whereabouts, which Ben revealed after being promised that he would have the island all to himself after the Man in Black escaped. Age "[6] Charles tells Ben, the Others' new leader, that one day he would have to choose between Alex, now his adopted daughter, and the island. When Juliet convinces his associate to bring them to Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), Charles ki… ("Dr. Linus"), After seeing the activity on the beach camp, Widmore's submarine docked at Hydra Island and set up a perimeter using a sonar pylon similar to the sonar fence once employed by the DHARMA Initiative. ("Whatever Happened, Happened") After Richard took Ben to be healed at the Temple, Charles confronted Richard about his decision to help the boy, and his protests were only silenced by Richard's insistence that Jacob wanted them to help Ben. What I get from the show is that Widmore has been spending the next decade trying to get back to the Island. Charles Widmore is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific. Also, Charles Widmore knows how important Locke really is, and Ben just wants to use Locke. Charles is a member of the island's native population, the Others, and serves as their leader until he is banished from the island. He brought up her statement about their common interests, and asked what they are. Charles Widmore knows the location of the island (and Ben) so has sent the frieghties to kill/capture Ben. "What They Died For" They head by outrigger to the Hydra island to blow up the plane but find Frank alive, too, floating amongst the sub's wreckage. In 2004, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashes on the island and Charles plants fake wreckage of the plane in the Sunda Trench, so that no one will find out that it really crashed on the island. Forum Member. Little is known about when or how he acquired his business empire. Bram, who appeared to side with Jacob tried to talk Miles out of working for Widmore, telling him that "He's playing for the wrong team." [18] The name appears again four episodes later in "The Whole Truth"; Sun's pregnancy test is made by Widmore Laboratories. 0. xAries_1990x Posts: 2,380. This encounter with Locke seemed to inspire Widmore, since a man from the future knew who he was (although there is as of yet no evidence that Widmore was informed in 1954 that Locke was from the future). It is likely that he moved on at a later time with his wife and son. Widmore angrily told him about his son dying, his daughter hating him and him never seeing his grandson, all in the name of the Island. According to documentary evidence Tom presented Michael, Widmore had purchased a Boeing 777 fuselage and disinterred 324 graves in Thailand to create staged wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 in the Sunda Trench. ("Cabin Fever") It is currently unknown whether he meant Widmore or Jacob. Posted by 12 days ago. When Desmond is interviewed in the office of Charles Widmore, there is a picture of a, In the casting call for young Widmore, he was described as, In the casting call for middle-aged Widmore he was described as, Witnesses of death: Benjamin Linus, Man in Black (disguised as Locke). Ben was angered that Widmore had not informed him of the baby prior to accepting the mission. That means that he was on the Island in 1992. He had several contradictory goals. [22] Eric Goldman from IGN enjoyed Dale's introduction in "Live Together, Die Alone" but found it "odd" to see Dale in Lost, having been watching The O.C. Before he could elaborate further, Zoe spotted the Man in Black arriving by outrigger. He has always been the man of mystery, the man who "knew things", and his actions don't seem to make sense. Widmore denied knowing anything. Widmore told Jin that he, too, had a daughter and knows how it feels to be kept apart. Shortly after its destruction, Jacob, according to Widmore, “convinced [him] of the error of [his] ways”. Back on the island, this time in the early 1950s, there was another huge revelation: a young Widmore was one of The Others, living in an island camp with the ageless Richard Alpert. It should be noted that since Ben is a known liar, this might not be necessarilly true. Widmore then took notice of Daniel's body and remarked that he looked familiar. Intent to get Charlie to perform at the event, as his Eloise would "destroy" him otherwise, Widmore requested that his trusted employee Desmond Hume help. Forum Member. [24], Many reviewers were unsurprised at the revelation that Widmore sent the freighter to the island. Ben refused, and instead proposed that if it were indeed the will of the Island, Widmore should be able to kill her instead. In the series finale, however, this is revealed to be a form of purgatory constructed to reunite the various characters. When Desmond returns, he tells Widmore he knows exactly what he has to do. She told him plainly, "To kill Benjamin Linus." Was there any point to Charles Widmore's return to the island? Widmore's men appeared and led the Man in Black further down the beach to a meeting with Widmore himself. 25/05/10 - 14:37 in US TV Shows #1. Beginning in Season 4, I started to realize that there's no actual evidence that Charles Widmore is really going to kill everyone on the island… Widmore looked tired and unshaven, and when asked by Ben when he started "sleeping with a bottle of scotch by the bed", he replied "When the nightmares started." During one of those trips, he fathered Penny with an unknown woman who lived in the outside world. One of his options would have been to track down John Locke, who had claimed, in 1954, to be a future leader of the Others. The time shift goes off to the 70s or something, Desmond, Penny, and Charlie then escape the island before the next time shift and are stuck in the 70s (they aren't going to find the island again). Charles Widmore. After leaving the room, Jin asked what Desmond is doing on the Island. After Desmond took note of Widmore's beautiful model of a boat, Widmore informed him of a solo race around the world that his company was sponsoring. While on the Island, he died at the hands of his long-time rival Ben. Despite the circumstances, Widmore was mad over Desmond's failure and insisted, he explain it to Eloise if he doesn't think it's a big deal. Shortly thereafter, in his office, Widmore was surprised by an unexpected visitor: Desmond Hume, whom he had not seen in around seven years. Scoffing, Widmore turned his back and walked away, leaving Ben holding the baby. [27], Dan Kois and Lane Brown of New York magazine were unsure how they felt about Widmore and Ben's meeting in "The Shape of Things to Come". When Widmore appeared confused, Desmond revealed that he knew Widmore had subsidized Faraday's research at Oxford for about ten years before he sent Daniel to the Island on the freighter, and also paid for Theresa's medical support. Widmore responded, "You wouldn't dare," as Ben hung up. Following Locke's expulsion from the island, he was picked up by Charles Widmore's people, and he later set out to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the island… Did Hurley ever get off the island? In the series finale, "The End", she pleads again that he not take Daniel away from her, and is relieved when Desmond tells her he has no intention of taking him. ("Follow the Leader"). As the leader of Charles Widmore's mercenary team, he headed out to capture Ben, kill the survivors, and destroy the island. Charles goes to the hospital where Desmond is being treated and speaks with Eloise, though he does not visit his daughter. After Sawyer refused to go in the cages, again and seizes a rifle from Seamus, Widmore grabbed Kate and threatened to kill her but when Sawyer tried to call his bluff, Widmore informed them that he had a list of names including "Ford, the Kwons, and Reyes but not Kate Austen" and that so it didn't matter to him whether she lived or died. Jack, Locke-ness and Desmond leave the others behind as they get close to the Source. Widmore scornfully told Ben that one day he would have to choose between Alex and the Island. share. In "The Constant," Desmond met up with Widmore in 1996, where Widmore was bidding on the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock -- the 19th century slave ship that crashed on the Island … Widmore approached Sawyer and added that he was doing this for Sawyer's own good. Widmore: You wouldn’t sacrifice Alex. Charles then gets his crew to abduct Jin from Locke's camp in order to insure that he had leverage over The Man in Black so he couldn't leave the Island. ("Happily Ever After"), Charles heard that Charlie Pace, who was expected to play music alongside his son at Eloise's charity event was arrested for possessing drugs. Widmore checked with his men whether the fence was live yet. Charles Widmore was a leader of the Others, a wealthy industrialist and the father of Penelope Widmore and Daniel Faraday. on DVD, which features Dale as Caleb Nichol. Charles never appeared in a scene with his daughter, Penny, even though the two characters appeared in the same episode multiple times. Desmond demanded to know where he could find Daniel Faraday's mother. Charles Widmore is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the south Pacific. [10], Charles spends most of his time since his banishment searching for a way to return to the island. After he awoke, Locke found himself face-to-face with Widmore. Widmore, however, felt Ben had come to "gloat" about his victory in having him exiled. [4], In 1977, Ben Linus, at the time a twelve-year-old boy living with the Dharma Initiative, is brought to the Others to be healed. How did him having Keamy murder Alex "change the rules"? Lost How did Charles Widmore find out about the island? This accidentally sends some Island inhabitants back in time. Moving on to Season 5 and majorly glossing over the whole "I'm gonna kill your daughter thing" (don't wanna get even more sidetracked than usual, sorry), we have this new mystery - why did Ben banish Charles Widmore from the Island? Unlike in life, Charles thought highly of Desmond and greeted him as a great friend. Widmore served as an Other on the Island under the command of Richard Alpert in 1954, as mentioned in conversation to John Locke. He met Miles in 2007 on the Island. [20] Dale made his first appearance on the show in a single scene of the second-season finale "Live Together, Die Alone". ("Meet Kevin Johnson"), Widmore sent the freighter Kahana to the Island, hiring Gault to captain the expedition, and telling him that, in fact Ben had planted the wreckage of Flight 815. put it best - the scene just interfered with our enjoyment of the beach reunion. ("Because You Left"). He sponsored the sailing race around the world that Desmond, in an attempt to regain his honor, was participating in when he crashed onto the Island. Charles Widmore (born 1937;[2] died 2007[3]) is seen as a 17-year-old Other in 1954, where he is captured with one of his people, by James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway), Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell), and John Locke (Terry O'Quinn). Charles hires a team to travel to the island on a freighter, the Kahana. Charles is furious, having expected Ben to kill both Danielle and the child. The Man in Black then instructed Widmore to whisper the answers in his ear, which he did until Ben shot him repeatedly with a handgun. Moving on to Season 5 and majorly glossing over the whole "I'm gonna kill your daughter thing" (don't wanna get even more sidetracked than usual, sorry), we have this new mystery - why did Ben banish Charles Widmore from the Island? Widmore replied that it would be easier to show Jin and ordered Zoe to take him to the generator room, despite Zoe's protests about the tests not being scheduled until tomorrow. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"), In 1996, Widmore purchased the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock, a 19th century British slave ship, at a Southfield's auction. The expedition of the freighter Kahana failed to return the Island to Widmore's possession. 25/05/10 - 14:43 #3. However, Sun confronted him, indicating that he knew she was part of the group that had been on the Island and that they were lying about it. He was trying to protect the island from outsiders and Flocke. Ben: You’re the one who wanted her dead, Charles, not the Island. Widmore looked sadly at Simmons' dead body as he is taken out and ordered that Desmond be placed inside. He met Ben, Jack, and Kate in 1977 on the Island. He assaulted Sayid’s brother, and he kidnapped Jin in order to kill him. When Juliet convinces his associate to bring them to Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), Charles kills the associate and takes off into the jungle. It was shortly after this that Widmore's surveillance in Tunisia caught John Locke lying in the desert after having been transported there. [6], In 1992, following increased conflict between the Others and the Dharma Initiative, the Others purge the island of the Dharma folk by releasing poisonous gas at Dharma's barracks. He was then led to the submarine and exiled. The name Widmore is introduced in the twelfth episode of season two, "Fire + Water", where a sign with Widmore Construction appears on the back of a building. In 1996, Desmond seeks Charles's permission to ask for Penny's hand in marriage. I don’t know if I’m just gullible, but I kind of believed Widmore’s story. Widmore lead Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Claire and Frank to the Hydra station with his team. save hide report. When Ben returned to camp with Rousseau's baby, Alex, he was angrily confronted by an aging Widmore, who demanded to know why Ben was holding a baby. Eloise notices Desmond's growing awareness of his original life, and pleads with him to cease his efforts to learn more of it. Charles Widmore (born 1937; died 2007 ) is seen as a 17-year-old Other in 1954, where he is captured with one of his people, by James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway), Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell), and John Locke (Terry O'Quinn). Charles refuses after humiliating Desmond by stating Desmond is not even worthy enough to drink his expensive whiskey. Charles, under the impression that Desmond was looking for a job, looked over his resume, noting Desmond's job as a theatrical set designer, as well as Desmond's failure to graduate from university. [20] In 2008, Dale was asked to return to Oahu, Hawaii, where filming took place, but he was unable due to his commitment to the Monty Python musical Spamalot. However, John Locke arrived and killed Mattingly, allowing Widmore and Cunningham to be captured by Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer. However, Ben has no idea about how the Island can be used to resurrect someone, seeing as how he has never had an encounter with Christian Shephard. Out of the water, a periscope appears. After being mostly depicted in Desmond's flashbacks, his role expanded throughout the fourth season. 3 Charles Widmore 2005: Ben Linus uses Mib’s old donkey wheel to move The Island and keep it hidden from Charles Widmore’s invading forces. He met Desmond in 1996 off the Island. He then gave Desmond Penny's address. Simmons is accidentally killed in the solenoid chamber as the test was set-up. Widmore is later confronted by the Man in Black, who gives him a choice: either he tell the Man in Black why he returned to the island, or the Man in Black would hunt down and kill Penny upon returning to the mainland. Alan Dale has received praise for his performance, and critics have also responded positively to the mystery surrounding the character. Charles Widmore, a fictional character on the American TV series Lost Charles Algernon Whitmore (1851–1908), British barrister and politician Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"), While Sun was checking in for her flight to Los Angeles, the attendant asked her to hold for a moment, then escorted her to a room where the door was locked behind her. As Miles ran off into the jungle and Richard went to talk with the Man in Black, Widmore and Zoe hid themselves in the secret room behind Ben's bookcase. Profession He then tells Desmond that once the experiment is over, Desmond will have to make a sacrifice. The Man in Black did, and then asked Widmore whether he knew who the Man in Black was. The next day, the Man in Black came to Hydra Island in an outrigger and discovered that Widmore had already set up a sonar fence around the perimeter of the island, preventing the Man in Black from coming in. If Locke was telling the truth, then Widmore could presume that Locke would end up on the island at some point in the future. As leader of the Others, it is presumed that Widmore played an active role in the purge of the DHARMA Initiative in December 1992. As Eloise informed Widmore that she was taking Jack and Kate to the bomb, he began to argue with her and rejected the idea but eventually gave in. Charles entered the tent where young Ben was being kept and introduced himself. Tom Connolly (age 17)David S. Lee (age 40) Charles Widmore go ahead and add it! Widmore, with his rank and position, was able to do an end-run around that by going off-Island to father a child. While the part about Ben taking the island away from Widmore seems very likely, it's possible that the only reason Widmore helps Locke is because he wants to find the island … [9] Years later, upon Desmond's release from military prison, Charles confronts him and reveals that he has intercepted every letter Desmond wrote to Penny while in prison, causing Penny to believe Desmond no longer cares for her. Little is known about when or how he acquired his business empire. While the other main characters "move on", the Widmores continue to exist as a family in this universe. Because he took extra precausions so to kill everyone if they found people on the island, he planted the fake plane crash at the bottom of the ocean so to make everybody believe they were dead, and employees of Widmore like … Turns out a young Charlie Widmore was an Other back in the ’50s. United Kingdom The Man in Black then threatened to kill Widmore's daughter Penny once he escapes the island, unless Widmore spoke voluntarily. Charles interrupts her saying "He was my son too, Eloise." He gave Locke his cover identity of Jeremy Bentham and provided Locke with the services of Matthew Abaddon, as well as dossiers on the whereabouts and status of the Oceanic Six. In 1988, Widmore assigned Ben and Ethan to kill Danielle Rousseau. ("The Lie"), Cunningham attempted to converse with Widmore in secret via Latin, but Juliet understood them, and revealed that all Others could speak Latin. Widmore had been exiled for "breaking the rules": namely, for regularly leaving the Island, and for having a family off the Island (specifically, a "daughter with an outsider"). [5] Charles, who is now the Others' leader, later visits Ben and informs him that he is now an Other, even though he must go back to living with his abusive father at the Dharma Initiative. [8] The Others subsequently move into the barracks. ("Dead Is Dead"), After Daniel Faraday was shot in the Other's camp Charles approached Jack on his horse and knocked him out with his rifle's butt. He has grey hair. Widmore eventually gave Desmond an address in Los Angeles, yet warned Desmond that he was "getting (himself) involved in something that goes back many many years." He met Richard, Sawyer, Juliet, and Locke (for the first time) in 1954 on the Island. ("What They Died For"), The information Widmore whispered into the Man in Black's ear was kept private for several hours. How did Charles and Diana meet? Did our characters, with help from Charles Widmore (who I believe is a good guy and is on Jacob’s side) manage to do something to restrain the MIB somehow, in the process submerging the island, creating a new timeline and changing the entire lives of themselves ? Desmond cynically asked what Widmore knows about sacrifice. "Live Together, Die Alone" The Man in Black ominously said that the war Widmore once foretold to Locke "just got here. Desmond is shot by Ben, who is unable to kill Penny after noticing that she and Desmond have a child. Locke then greeted Widmore, revealing knowledge of his first and last name, without saying how he knew him. I think he was trying to figure out and use the island's powers for his own gain. He and two other men, Cunningham and Mattingly, wore stolen army uniforms with name labels (his reading "Jones"). Why did you tell Charles Widmore that war had come to the Island? The most important of them was the creation of accurate charts and maps of the coastlines and harbors around the world. Widmore then asks Desmond to explain his failure to get DriveShaft to play to his wife. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium grey hairstyles & haircuts. Locke refused to shoot him as, in Locke's words, "he's one of my people". Although Charles was apparently not involved in the upbringing of his son Daniel (and never told Daniel that he was his father), he did bankroll Daniel's research at Oxford, and when Daniel's girlfriend Theresa Spencersuffered catastrophic psychological damage as a result of one of Daniel's experiments, Charles … [14] Charles is subsequently visited by Ben, who claims that he will kill Penny, in retribution for Keamy killing Alex on the island. He unknowingly led Locke's group to his camp. He told Ben that he had to return to living with the DHARMA Initiative, but he would still be "one of us." September 24-28: Floreana Island (Charles) Floreana was an Ecuadorian penal colony while being managed by the Englishman, Nicholas Lawson and the Beagle’s crew was allowed to go ashore for a tour of the colony.. Darwin diligently collected many animal and plant specimens and learned that it was possible to tell from which island a tortoise came judging by its shell. In The Crown season four, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer first meet when the latter is just a teenager, and dressed up as a “mad tree” for her school play. What is the nature of his falling out with. Desmond asked why Widmore hated him; Widmore retorted that it wasn't he who hated Desmond. [28] They initially found it "ridiculous" felt it had too much dialogue, but they liked the "canny and confusing" reversal of the clichéd discussions between heroes and villains because they were unsure of who was the villain and who was the hero. Widmore asserted that it was Desmond's cowardice that separated Desmond from Penny. [29], Fictional character from the TV series Lost, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Charles_Widmore&oldid=1000117811, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 17:38. ("Happily Ever After"). Charles worked to return the candidates to the Island and then returned himself in 2007 with Desmond Hume, aiming to stop the Man in Black from leaving. Which is a huge problem, as in 2004 he'd spent 20 years looking for the Island (according to Miles). Sun then offered to collaborate with Widmore. ("The Last Recruit"). He went on to say that Jin's reunion with his daughter would be short-lived if "that thing" (the Man in Black) ever got off the Island, because everything they knew and loved would "cease to be." [6] Sometime after this incident, Charles and Eloise Hawking (Alice Evans) have a child, Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), who is raised off-island. Former Leader, the OthersCEO, Widmore Industries Here, he met up with his old friend, Eloise Hawking, who informed him that Desmond was recovering, to which he indicated that he was pleased, and Penny was inside and that he should go see her. Desmond failed to keep hold of Charlie, after Charlie caused a car accident. Widmore demanded that Ben kill her, claiming it to be the will of Jacob. He was first shown (chronologically) meeting Daniel in 2004, though he is Daniel's father off the Island. Ben threatened to kill Widmore's daughter, Penelope, whom Widmore indicated would be never found. He had a long-running rivalry with his successor as leader Benjamin Linus over control of the Island, though rules limited their ability to attack one another. His team captures Sawyer and escorts him to his submarine, docked at the second island adjacent to the main one. Tom told Michael that Widmore had done this because he wanted the Island all to himself. Desmond found him at the auction, demanding to know Penny's new contact information. First When Jin asked Widmore what his next move was going to be, Widmore announced that it was time for Jin to see the package, which he said was a "who," not a "what." Richard allows the boy to be healed, despite knowing that Charles will be displeased with his decision, stating that he does not answer to Charles. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Desmond seems more likely as a stand-in for Odysseus in this scenario, as it is his quest to be with Penny that Widmore hinders most. 1. ("The Shape of Things to Come"). He told Widmore that he was about to return to the Island, to which Widmore replied that the Island wouldn't let him. Alternate Casting They intercepted Richard, Miles, and Ben as they were preparing to leave to destroy the Ajira airplane with a backpack full of C4. At the time much of South America’s coastline remained uncharted, and as n… Impressed and immediately fascinated by these sounds and by Berlin’s unique club-culture, including legendary clubs such as Planet, E-Werk, Ostgut, WMF and Bunker, Widmore increasingly deepened his involvement in the scene. Angered by this remark, Eloise slapped Charles in the face and walked off. He then refused to give up any other information while Ben was listening. a) In his original freighter to the island (when Naomi, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, Frank, etc. The fact that he was helping Locke this week, that he needed Locke to get back to the island, got me thinking. After the beach camp survivors fled from an attack by the Others, Widmore and his group captured Sawyer and Juliet. Shot by Ben How did the rules prevent Ben from killing Widmore in London? I don't really get the entire Charles Widmore thing. Charles agrees. [4] However, Desmond inadvertently leads Ben to Penny when he visits Eloise (Fionnula Flanagan). Widmore appeared and scolded her for approaching him in broad daylight in front of his colleagues.

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