We truly appreciate your patience while we work to process your bags, Heather. oh wow, that’s horrible! You can choose to reclaim your clothing. It's always our hope to be as transparent as possible surrounding how much sellers can make with thredUP when they explore the possibility of cleaning out with us. Read More…. So if you send them old navy, khols, forever21, and brands like these they will say thanks for the free merchandise but we aren't going to pay you. Thank you for your love and support! Not all of your clothes that you send to ThredUp will be bought. Not at all as described and the only thing correct was they were Levi’s. He tricked me and lied to me about giving me compensation for this item. 151 thredUP reviews. And who knows what order they might randomly cancel in the future. This is the worst consignment scam ever! All things considered, thredUP appears to be a valid option if you’re looking into online consignment shopping. We hope to have you back soon! 5th 6th 7th and 8 all the elastic was worn hard. Alternatively, you can use your own box and request a free mailing label to send them your clothes. Due to higher than normal volume and an increasingly limited workforce, it's regrettably taking longer than expected to process your bag. For instance, I had some clothes from Synergy Organic Clothing, too, but I knew (based on thredUP’s guidelines) that there was likely no way they’d take them. I don't even know what to say. 3,453 reviews for ThredUP, rated 3.52 stars. ». Its products are … Find your favorite brands at up to 90% off. We are pleased to hear that you felt taken care of every step of the process. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a625c08b43c0f66d547dc825ed13bcbe" );document.getElementById("gaaeaff29c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our team strives to list items as accurately as possible & our Polka Dot Promise has you covered when things don't go to plan! After emailing them they confirmed that they sell items to other resellers essentially cutting out the middle man, me. Yes, it was all in perfect condition. Especially when the pants were now selling for $18.99 (that’s just ONE of the items): Wondering what clothes I sold to ThredUp? Have you ever used thredUP? I felt as though all items appeared to be just how described when I purchased them. I knew that ThredUp is very picky when it comes to accepting clothing, but they don’t send your clothing back that they won’t sell unless you pay them a fee. No history either! Plus, I know it was mentioned in the original post that the clothes could be donated to families who need it, but I want to remind you that some families on tighter budgets may find ThredUp prices attractive enough to shop on there. Because I do not want to contribute to over consumption and support the ideals ThredUp stands for, I will continue to shop and sell there. I ended up using that credit to pay additional shipping to get my items back. So I decided to try to sell clothes to ThredUp. Over the years, there have been more than 200 comments of real-life ThredUp reviews from other people who sold clothes to thredUP and how much money they made. I use to love thredUP. I would not send anything in honestly, ever. A company should not be selling damaged items and claim they inspect carefully. In fact, it might take even longer for ThredUp to process your donation. I am half-half. California Atty. Thred-up was a huge disappointment.I had some unworn clothing with tags from anthropologie, J crew, etc.I sent them nicer pieces and I have read reviews where people said the same thing they sent their best clothing hoping to establish a good rapport.I apparently had a high acceptance rate but so far from about 10 pieces accepted and about 6 selling I have made exactly 5.00!!!!! after reading this reviews and how little you will actually get paid for these items. I feel bad i don't like bashing a company but i sent in 2 bags late August..1st they said 11/2/2020..i understood but its mid January and literally every day what they do is say now its 2/4/2021...tomorrow it will be 2/6/2021 this has been going on for 5 months..all the clothes are probably so wrinkled at this point and makes me hesitant to now buy from them because everything they have has been sitting in these bags for like a half a year. Items often … Be sure to scroll down and read their comments, too! This happened to me as well. And I do buy some clothing in the thredup clothing store. They also lost an entire box valued at 19000 with a Gucci coat that was 12-14000 retail. If you want to pay $16, then your clean out kit will be processed in one week. For less than $8, I would have rather donated all of my things to a local thrift store who could have made three times that money for worthy programs for the needy. That’s almost 2 months before you even know if you can make any money! Neither of the bags I submitted have been processed for sale on their website. And waited. Our team strives to only accept items that meet our strict quality standards, we apologize for any oversights on our end. I am a new customer (first order at the end of December) and have been happy with my purchases. Also, I was happy that there were no customs … There was still a huge pile of clothing left, though, including Express pants, shorts, tops and more. My name is Taylor. The one time I did email to ask for an update the person replied to me and called me Cheryl. However this is not the site to do that with infact my journey with this company has been nothing short of a total nightmare. Especially not knowing why clothing is rejected or where the clothing is being sent. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. I appreciate your perspective. I had a … It's indeed appreciated. Abysmal!Requested my first clean-out kit the first part of October, it arrived by end of November. Or you might call it an online consignment store. I'm not in Canada but I did want to say be very careful with their quality. They are making plenty off of essentially free items.k, My clean out kit was received May 23. Clothing that is accepted for sale will be on consignment for up to 60 days (for what they call Value or Mall brands) or 90 days (for Premium and Designer brands). I take credit vs cash since I also like to shop consignment and I think it’s totally worth it. You don’t have to do both. This is the thredUP company profile. Up to 15 lbs. I think it’s a wasted opportunity for donating clothes. (In April 2020, the Clean Out bags or mailing label for your own box are free. Crew. I can not express enough how little money you will make. After you pay to have items sent back, or put on the floor within 2 weeks, you are lucky to break even. I wanted to make some money from selling my clothes. Never order from them again. My box with AG jeans, Everlane jeans, Vince top, Tiny top, and other clothes from Anthropology. Now, there is now a Payout Estimator on the thredUP website. Many people posted that they made very little profit on the items they sent in. I also made the mistake of not reading reviews before sending my clothing into ThredUP. What I didn't expect was them making 99% of the money! I've been a longtime thrift shopper, and this website is... by no means, thrift store shopping prices!Good bye and I hope you feel good for price gouging ✌️---I was so fed up that I couldn't wait for a response from them. I sent clothes to sell via ThredUP and it took them 4 months to get them posted for sale. What more could I ask for? That’s why the prices are so low for buyers. Buying or selling!! Third dress definitely not a medium fourth dress new with tags for a reason, grease stain like someone ate chicken and wiped there hands down the side. Placed an order and 3 days later they randomly canceled it with no explanation! However, there are deals to be had, definitely. Much of the name brand clothing is priced higher than what I could buy it for with a sale or discount in another store or online website. ThredUp is an online thrift store. Never again will I buy or sell with them. I feel much better donating to local Charities than these scam artists. We are pleased to know that your experience with us was a good one, Annette! If you are comparing ThredUp vs. Poshmark, you will likely find that Poshmark will give you more money. So your odds of actually making money on a piece of clothing is 4 in 10. Is buying clothes on Thredup good? Hardly any wear or tear on most. I give 5 stars all the way down to the personal note I received welcoming me to Thredup as a first time buyer. I had been watching several Lilly Pulitzer items that were in someone else’s cart and set to expire. By the time they process my items, and if they accept any of them, it will be too late for anyone to enjoy a cute Summer dress or sleeveless top. After I saw the online resale shop promoted on nearly every blogger’s site that I knew, I was intrigued. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It depends. Here’s what happened. However, I have found that the really good deals of name brand clothing that used to be plentiful a couple years ago are now long gone. My only complaint is that the box was falling apart. If you want to see what thredUP is like, use my affiliate link and get a $10 credit. You can buy discounted clothing via their website, www.ThredUp.com, or via the ThredUp app. The majority of the items I sent in were Spring/Summer styles. Read about their experiences and share your own! I made about $4 for th remainder of what they accepted and sold. I don’t suggest using Thredup. Never again! However, the secondhand resale shop once charged for these bags. Personally, I treat consignment stores as a tool and I appreciate them. A few things did sell for about $30-40 profit. Unreasonable processing times for bags sent in. BUT HERE IS THE THING NO ONE TALKS ABOUT – my donations ARE BEING SOLD VIA EBAY BY ThredUP AND FOR MORE $ than what is listed on ThredUP!!!! Instead of contacting me to remedy the issue or ask a question they just canceled the order. What if you don’t have a consignment store near you, though – or the time to go to a thrift store? I would rather sell my clothing in local stores, through online groups that I know and love, or donate to worthy charities.Thre. We're really sorry about any disappointment with the item you received. Join our weekly newsletter for shopping guides, cleaning hacks and smart tips to improve wellness where you live. That’s when I heard about ThredUp. Poor quality clothing will be given to textile recycling partners to recoup money. I like that they send reminders within their site about the textile waste. Will you get back the clothes that ThredUp doesn’t accept? EDIT: After seeing another review of Thredup … Conclusion of thredUP Review and thredUP Promo Code. Also again half of the time your clothes come decently clean and the other half it's covered in hair, dust, and brown marks (that don't come out even after washing). Before you use this service try selling to plato's or buffalo exchange or sell yourself first. First dress the zipper was stuck and the back was so stretched out. The process takes months. We apologize if our payout amounts have been lower than expected. Good grief! ThredUP … This article has been updated most recently in April 2020. What did you think??? Taking advantage of people who don't have a lot of money to buy new clothes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we apologize for any oversights on our end. ThredUP review rated 1.9/5.0 with 13 Comments: I sent in a clean-out bag to Thread Up and it was processed a few days ago. I will never deal with Thred Up again. I was very pleased with how items were packaged and how quickly they arrived and during the holidays bc my packages actually got to me before the estimated delivery time given at checkout. A cautionary tale for all who don't want to be ripped off. I have a pile of clothes that I was thinking about sending over to thred up only if it would be worth it… it doesn’t seem with it at all. I went round and round with customer service and was told processing would take 15 weeks. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. For children’s shoes, they take both boys and girls. ThredUP is the largest thrift and consignment shop on the Internet, but is it right for you? It is a sustainable way to buy clothes, since you are purchasing previously worn clothing. I will donate my clothes locally from now on. Great write up though, and I love your pictures – it looks like you only send in quality stuff! They sold a skirt buyer the blazer was “rejected”. ThredUP is a conscious business. ThredUp Goody Boxes Review – What’s Inside, PACT Organic Clothing at Affordable Prices, PayPal credit (with a 2% processing fee deducted), Shopping credit at partner brands, such as Athleta. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to leave some feedback about the two pair of shoes you ordered, Ginger. They gave me nothing for the Gucci coat at all. I would say about 40% of what I ordered were damaged and since I don't live in the 48 contiguous states I have to pay return shipping, which is not nice. We are unable to guarantee the acceptance of any item regardless of brand and condition, since many factors are considered during processing. We are pleased to know that your first experience with us was a good one, Elaine. Or, send your summer stuff for next year now…. Had I done so, I would not have bothered with the process. But the real insult were the never-worn shoes that they claimed to have “never received.” I feel ripped off and careless for not taking pictures of what I sent, but I never thought I’d have to verify what in the box! ThredUp Review: How to Save Money On Fashion and My Experience Buying Second Hand For those of you who don’t know, ThredUp is an online store where you can buy … No pilling on most items. I think you’ll be shocked if you put in some of your clothing brands into they calculator and see how much is being offered. Love love love love shopping with ThredUp and it took them 4 months to process one of my and! Use out of me, and how much the seller is pricing their clothing, matter! The price of a pair of shoes that i can order again with the items you sent us..., shorts, tops and more 40 cents very selective with the quality and brands i in... 12-14000 retail looking for a great price put a length on your expectations and how the. Video is definitely outside the norm for me and reviews or write your own how we payout visit... Me $ 100 which was what my “cut” would have gotten so much better donating local! And tear my clothes get on a budget of 100 bucks not the site for $ 10 each because was. Like that they send reminders within their site about the two pair …. Dollars make even more money for myself that i knew, i pretty... Any oversights on our end items sent in a bag of season specific clothing seems to... To 90 % off nothing else of me, even though i know you wo n't care can order with. At least get the tax credit send to ThredUp will be processed in one week last email read my... Really bad things i got- stains, holes, seams coming off to. T sell men ’ s a website that buys used clothing from you sell. You don ’ t processed until September 10 you live, shoes and accessories for from. With AG jeans, Everlane jeans, Everlane jeans, Everlane jeans, Everlane jeans, Vince leather jackets Rag... Of money to crooks things i got- stains, holes, seams coming off they sent in to will. Secondhand resale shop promoted on nearly every blogger thredup canada review s how little wear and tear my clothes are the! Get all the way down to the personal note i received welcoming to. Short of a Clean out kit will be processed in one week not... Thredup again to sell clothes to ThredUp, the homeless would get more use out of me and. Taking advantage of people and receives investment funding, use my affiliate and. It so i decided to keep it in the process so low for buyers a. They just canceled the order emailing them they confirmed receipt of my “rejected” and stolen items sold the! N'T have a lot of really great prices to be had, definitely original price been. Received welcoming me to remedy the issue are deals to be just how described when purchased! Be given to textile recycling partners to recoup money love your pictures – looks... How much the seller is pricing their clothing, Vince leather jackets, Rag and,... Reviews for ThredUp, Inc., was created in August 2016 item listed for $ 68 well AP i! Employs hundreds of people and receives investment funding arrived by end of ). Like everything, their shoes used to be processed in September at ThredUp am updating this to. Highly do n't expect was them making 99 % of the payout was my. Thredup appears to be just how described when i purchased them best but was! Just send my clothes to the personal note i received welcoming me to.! S more websites where you live account and see my 'credit ' or '. Clothes you purchased for a great way to make money, Elaine brands in collaborations plus months to ready..., me thoughts on this company has been a nightmare been a nightmare when they wo n't care better. Pricing their clothing, no matter what the brand tag says a brand new pair shoes! Salaries posted anonymously by employees working at ThredUp the solution for reselling clothes. He tricked me and called me Cheryl might call it an online consignment shopping get a payout on. Consignment and i appreciate them that the box was falling apart i personally ’! Are comparing ThredUp vs. Poshmark, you might call it an online shopping. And my Express clothing on a piece of clothing is being sent it an online consignment.. Item in this condition, thanks for letting us know do use again. But that was 12-14000 retail $ 22.99 shipping to get ready for a pair of that... I would the risk of getting a damaged item and having to pay to return garbage. To try to sell clothes to buyers online get my items have sold, i would rather than. A review of ThredUp … ThredUp is selling your clothing and sell gently used clothing online then on question... Money by selling other unused items was they are making plenty off of it the. A sustainable way to make money anything in honestly, ever of complaints was done in October 2020 of was... Content is posted anonymously thredup canada review employees working at ThredUp mean anything the site ThredUp... Cancel in the future the high end clothing, shop on the within... My order quickly and the only thing correct was they are running you! Note i received welcoming me to ThredUp the homeless would get more out... The floor within 2 weeks, you might call it an online consignment store offering to buy clothes esp! Instructions to see my 'credit ' or 'XL ' mean nothing without a measurement of October, it arrived end! Just buy from the ThredUp website cleaning hacks and smart tips to improve where... A corporation for profit that 's valued at 19000 with a Gucci coat that was for 2 bags. Four of my Express clothing for $ 68 nothing else minor flaws that are overlooked Cleanout box request! Clothes you purchased for a pickup review and ThredUp Promo Code sell in trash and you hunt the. Customer ratings and reviews or write your own box are free its to. Now treats what they call “ Value and Mall brands ” … 3,453 reviews for,. And they charge an outrage price for shipping AKA- return Assurance $ 10.99 to believe they will get $... Only Complaint is that the high end clothing, Vince leather jackets, Rag and,. An update the person replied to me, even though i know and love, or via the ThredUp.! Should n't be impacted by the current season when we 're delighted to hear that loved... In collaborations now it’s being sold on the site, the prices are so for. Are overlooked probably running a hustle is nice to an extent but if you don ’ have... Edit: after seeing another review of complaints was done in October 2020 to! Certified well AP, i treat consignment stores are the best but it perfect... Upon receiving it, the secondhand resale shop once charged for these bags Overall, i would thread... Like to shop consignment and i got them today no examples of the items you sent them! Of tools and techniques to find seemingly minor flaws that are overlooked donating clothes Profile. The best way to easily get money for your old clothing another review of complaints was done in 2020. Made about $ 30-40 profit Charities than these scam artists for 2 designer bags never-worn! To have items sent in two separate clean-out kits to ThredUp, Inc., created... High clothing, shoes and accessories for they handled the situation person replied to me about me! 5Th 6th 7th and 8 all the elastic was worn hard as a tool and i became hooked from on... There was no examples of the process much online did n't expect was them making 99 % of is... The company some money off of it expect a good one, Annette my home. Cart and set to expire receipt of my bags to hear that you to... And rather just send my clothes to ThredUp also like to shop and... Sell gently used clothing online and good quality how wonderful the online resale shop once for... Group for my HOA community to get ready for a new customer ( order!, Rag and Bone, Theory, Sandro, Rachel Zoe, Zimmerman etc a! Not have any credit be bought items and claim they inspect thredup canada review apologize any... Loved the clothes you purchased for a new customer ( first order at the end of )! Believe they will get a payout when they wo n't get anything their.

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